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Orbit Rain Sensor

If you're looking for an effective and affordable sprinkler system, or lawn sprinklers of any kind, or even a rain gong, then orry is definitely the unit for you! With a simple plug in you can have a new and exciting way of providing irrigation to your property - in minutes! Orry sprinklers are hand-held systems that use weather data to respond to conditions, so you can usually find orry sprinklers in use today because of the rain or snow. They're effective up to a meter or more below the ground, and can be used with manual or drive settings. Manual orry sprinklers use the whole system (or some parts) at once, while drive sprinklers use a part at a time. They're most commonly used with manual or drive sprinklers inroups, as they can share data together.

Rain And Freeze Sensor

Rain And Freeze Sensor

By Orbit Underground

USD $9.99

Irritrol RS1000 Wireless Rain Sensor
Rainbird Wired Rain Sensor CPRSDBEX
The Toro Company 53769 Wired Rain Sensor

The Toro Company 53769 Wired Rain Sensor

By The Toro Company

USD $19.99

Best Orbit Rain Sensor Reviews

The orbit rx-1 is a rain sensor lawn sprinklers that uses 12vdc power to get the orbs up and entertaining. The connection wire is adjustable to create a vent that lets the sprinklers reach the desired area. The sprinklers also have a 30-ft connection wire and can be adjust-able to ensure a perfect vent.
the orbit rain sensor lawn sprinklers are perfect for keeping your lawn clean and beautiful. With six stations, you can always keep an eye on your garden in a timely manner. Also, theb-hyve indooroutdoor system ensures that you'll get the most out of yourazon, making it an ideal solution for busy homeowners.
this is a great add on for your lawn sprinklers to keep you from getting a rain or freeze rain. The sensor will detect if you are within a few inches of getting a rain or freeze and will start to flowing next to your lawn. This will help to prevent getting your lawn wet!

This rain freeze sprinkler sensor is for the orbit eco series of automatic rain freeze sprinkler systems. It is a universal system that works with any drivetrain, and has a cold start time. It is perfect for use in a rain-filled environment.